Here at Coriander’s we are proud of the communities we belong to and proud also of the work we do to support them. That’s why we are always happy to pitch in when it comes to fundraising.

In March, Coriander’s signed up for Emergency DineAid, a hospo industry fundraising drive to support flood-stricken communities in the North Island. All five restaurants took part, with customers being given the opportunity to add a donation to their bill, with all proceeds going to fund flood relief.

Closer to home, Coriander’s often partners with organisations such as early childhood education centres, schools and sports clubs to help them achieve their fundraising goals. Enjoying and sharing food together is a wonderful way to connect with the people around us, and if it supports a great cause, even better.

Here’s how it works: Coriander’s creates a special code for online orders, which you then promote and share among your school, club or parent community.

If you’re interested in fundraising through Coriander’s, email us at to find out more.