Dining out has changed a bit over the last two years. We’re grateful that we could adapt, and want to send our heartfelt thank yous to all our customers who have continued to support us through these changing times. It is thanks to you that we can still bring you the very best authentic Indian cuisine, and we will continue to do so for a long time to come.

We’ve noticed a trend: more and more people are getting delivery or using contactless pickup when they want a night off from cooking. We’re here to support that! There are many ways to enjoy Coriander’s. You can order on our website or the Coriander’s App for pick up or delivery, and you can also bring delicious Indian food to you through any of our delivery partners, like GIMME, Delivereasy and Uber Eats.

Don’t forget to use the code 10TAKEAWAY when making your orders for 10% off pick up. With lots of ways to get Coriander’s delivered and options for contactless pickup at all our restaurants, we are continuing to make it hassle free and stress free to enjoy Coriander’s whenever and wherever you like.