Who else is feeling the cold? The Coriander’s team is layered up and trying to keep the wind out, and we’re pretty sure many of you are too. We may be biased but we think a rich, comforting curry is the answer every time.

Here is our pick of six Coriander’s dishes guaranteed to warm your cockles.

Lamb Vindaloo
Always a favourite for diners who like it hot, this fiery red curry combines diced chunks of lamb with capsicum, freshly ground spices and herbs.

Lamb Rogan Josh
We think this beautiful spiced curry with its cinnamon, cardamom and garam masala flavours is perfect with premium New Zealand lamb.

Chicken Posht
A rich and beautiful Bengali dish, with tender cubes of chicken in a vegetable gravy with garlic, ginger, tomatoes and poppy seeds.

Chicken Korma
“Korma” means “braised” in the Urdu language. We braise chunks of chicken in the tandoor, then simmer them in a creamy sauce with herbs and spices.

Vegan Butter Chicken
This delicious plant-based version of butter chicken uses chunky soy pieces for that satisfying texture, and cashew gravy for creaminess.

Vegan Mushroom Masala
This creamy plant-based dish is made with mushrooms and green peas in a vegetable gravy with garlic.